Friday, October 17, 2014

Six Kick Ass Women to be This Halloween

So you want to be able to stand out from the cliched cats and mouse customs that you'll be seeing a lot of this year, and try something different. You don't want to be some docile animal, or super frilly cheerleader this year. Instead you want to become a woman who kicks ass this year. Well lucky for you, I have the perfect list of women -new and old-you can be this Halloween! All of these women -whether super heroes, lawyers, or super sleuths, are take charge women who hold the room whenever they come in. Take a look for yourself and see how you can portray these characters this Halloween.


Before I even go further, if you're not black, or do not have a similar skin tone to Michonne - DO NOT DARKEN OR LIGHTEN YOUR SKIN TO PORTRAY THIS CHARACTER! Black face is highly offensive and will get you a lot more trouble than you're asking for for a simple Halloween costume. If your dress, accessories, and  other aspects of your costume are right, there is no need for face paint. Thank you. PSA is over. Michonne is the zombie slaying, sword wielding hero in the walking dead, and it's super easy to dress as this Heroine.  Get a purple tank top, brown combat boots, gray jeans, and a bandana. You can probably buy a wig to get her hair, and add a sword if you want, but most people will get the idea.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft
Am I the only woman who wanted to be long haired adventurer? Tomb Raider was my favorite game on the Playstation, and I always wished I could leap, jump, and explore like this heroine. The graphics and wardrobe of the character have definitely changed over time, giving you more options to be her this Halloween. For the old school look: Green cargo pants, a tan tank top, combat boots, and of course Lara's signature braid.

Daenarys Targareon

Who wouldn't want to be Daenarys Targareyn, Mother of Dragons, first of her name? Dani has a lot more looks than I originally thought of, so here are two that I think will be really easy to do. The blonde hair is the most identifying feature of Dani, without this, you are nothing! Gold accent jewelry, gladiator sandals, and a flowy white dress will help you achieve this look.  (And if you want to be true to the book, go for purple contacts) Add a stuffed dragon for added effect.
Olivia Pope

Olivia Pope

She may not have her it together when it comes to relationships, but this woman does know how to handle business. Thanks to the new line created by the show from Limited, it's easier than ever to impersonate Ms. Pope this Halloween. But, if you want a more affordable choice (ie. in your closet), but if you don't want to splurge to be Miss Pope, don't worry. Opt for neutral tones and colors in the pale pink. Olivia loves jackets, a good suit, and sometimes a pair of gloves.


Abbie by sls-blog featuring brown boots
Abby (Sleepy Hollow)

If you're a fan of Fox's Sleepy Hollow, then you'll know it's easy to dress as lietenant Abby Mills. Since she's always running around defeating the horses of the apocalypse, comfort is here go to fashion choice. You can be Abby by wearing blue jeans, a comfy jackt, and boots as seen as above. Adding a badge and handcuffs will help to bring in the look.
I will update this with more amazing women when the ideas come to me, so check back soon for more costumer ideas!
Have another inspiring woman you think we need to include in this list? Name them below and tell us which of these characters you'd be for Halloween.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Best Roommate Stories

Not all roommate stories have to be bad.  I learned this on my own this summer when I stayed in Korea and had to share my room with a girl I had never met before. I was already expecting to have a language barrier, since she was from China, and maybe even a few feuds based on our different ways of living, but things actually went pretty smoothly.  My roommate was a sweet woman from China who was really nice, loved to take selfies, and shopping for beauty products. We got along pretty well and was one of my favorite people from the program. We didn't bicker over property, or argue about cleaning, everything was really calm and easy between us. Of course everyone's roommate experience is different, which is why I wanted to ask others about how they lived with their roommate.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Favorite Horror Movies

What movies gave you nightmares as a child? I've been watching horror films ever since I was a kid and I can't stay away from them. I do try to stay away from the demon based horrors as much as possible, but a few have slipped through the cracks. Here's a list of the films I still have to watch with the lights on.

The Conjuring
Anything that starts off as "based on a true story" gives me a chill down my back. You'd never want to think that the crazy events happening on your screen like possession could really take place in the real world. That's one reason why The Conjuring is such a good film. When a family moves to a new home in Connecticut, strange things start to happen and they call a demonologist to help.


The Eye 2
I've been seeing reviews that this film isn't as scary as the original one (which was remade into The Eye, starring Jessica Alba) but this film still scared me. This story follows Joey, a woman in a very fragile state of mind who tries to commist suicide after breaking up with her boyfriend. After her failed attempts, she goes to Hong Kong where she realizes she can now see the dead and she's pregnant. She believes that the spirits she sees are trying to harm her unborn baby.

The Audition
One thing I love about Asian Horror films is that most of the ones I've watched tend to be more psychological than anything. The Audition is a perfect example of this. The film is about a Japanese television exect who holds a fake movie audition to find a girlfriend. He eventually finds a woman he likes and begins to date her. But then things start to go downhill from there. I don't want to spoil anything here, but this film left me wondering what was real and throughly creeped out after watching.

Nightmare on Elm Street
Who wasn't afraid of Freddy Kreuger when they were younger? This dream stalker would always make an appearance in my nightmares, and I blame my older cousin for introducing me to him at such a young age. There's nothing like a killer who attacks when you're most vulnerable and can't escape- your dreams. Most of the pre millenial films are the scariest, and many horror movie lovers will claim NoES4 is the best of the series. Just don't ask me- I quit this series a long time ago!

What's your favorite horror movie? 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

To Drop or Not to Drop?

Last semester I was doing poorly in my Chemistry class. I was disorganized, failed almost every quiz, and couldn't understand what was happening in class. I was falling behind and wasn't sure I could pass the class with the grade that I wanted, and it would ruin my GPA. After a lot of debating, I finally decided to drop the class. I know there are others out there in the same situation who aren't sure whether they need to drop or not, so I wanted to share ways to improve your grade and what could happen when you drop a course.

What's the Problem?
Before dropping you should consider whether or not you can bring your grade up in the class, and identifying why you are lacking is the first step to do that. Are you doing poorly on the class essays? Are you confused on how to perform certain formulas? Is being late making you miss the morning quizzes? Do you noy have enough time to dedicate to the class? After you find the problem, you have to think of ways to fixing it.

My new favorite apps

I have been going app crazy for the last few months. From fun and games to apps to help me in class, I have been downloading apps more than usual. These are the apps that I've been really into lately!

I like this app way more than Pandora because I have so many different options for music. You can create your own radio just like other radio station apps and can also add which artists you want to include, ban songs from being played on that station, and even edit the popularity options on the app as well. I am annoyed that the app does not have a wider range of Kpop or Jpop options (read, not many artists I care about) and ban in a song on one station doesn't get it banned in another. And for some reason my Beyoncé station doesn't play as many Beyoncé songs as I want.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Advice: Always Look Your Best Even If You're Single

So you're single. That doesn't mean the world comes to a complete end. You should always look your best even if you don't have a man. You may not find one guy that can come close to being a boyfriend, but that doesn't mean you should stop wearing cute clothes. Try it! One day next week put on make-up, fix your hair, don't dress like you feel. If you're feeling bad, the worst thing you can do is wear clothes to describe your mood. Wear something cute, something that says I don't need a man to notice me to define my beauty.

 I'm sure you're a pretty girl, but no one will notice it if you're looking down. Seriously, how many of us would buy a flower that's facing downward? The same goes for you. Take baby steps if you're not confident yet. Wear pretty lip gloss, or fancy nail polish, just don't give up on yourself. Never think for a second that you're not pretty because you really are!

 You may need to clean your own mirror to see your beauty. For heaven sake please don't compare your looks to another girl's beauty. You're beautiful too, if only you knew. Stop wasting time complaining about what you don't like, because that's the worst thing you can do. Smile while you still have teeth, and  fix your hair before it falls out when you get old. Live your life and make it the best!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What Will Happen in Scandal Season 4 According to Me

I know gladiators all across the world are rejoicing that the Scandal Season 4 premier will be airing tonight! There will be many questions that we hope will soon be answered, such as "where in the world is Olivia Pope"," how is Huck handling seeing his family again", and of course "will they ever kill off Quinn"? The cast has been quiet about the revelations of this season, but here are a few things that are guaranted to happen. Okay, maybe not guaranteed, but have a pretty high chance of happening. Check out my Predictions for this season below.

Harrison Will Die
After Columbus Short's family drama towards the ending of the season, he was axed from the show. Now we just want to know how does his character die. Most likely he's dying away in one of the holes by B6-13 or thrown in the ocean. We'll see soon.

Olitz Will Be Back On
 This is one of the most undeniable truths of this series. We know any butterflies Olivia had for Jake are gone, and her addiction to Fitz looks to be unbreakable. For some ungodly reason, these too are doomed to be dumb stuck in love forever. So even though I really hope Olivia finds a guy worth her time, I know she won't.

Lips will quiver

Daddy Pope's Gonna Do What he Does Best
Now that Fitz is back in office and Olivia is in a safe, undisclosed location, you can bet your gladiator suit that daddy Pope is going to do everything he can to keep Fitz in check. I'm pretty sure Fitz is going to be dumb enough to flex his powers again this season to get more info about Olivia. Believe me, the loss of Fitz Jr. wasn't the only revenge that Daddy has planned for Fitz.

Wine Glasses will be drained