Saturday, September 27, 2014

Advice: Always Look Your Best Even If You're Single

So you're single. That doesn't mean the world comes to a complete end. You should always look your best even if you don't have a man. You may not find one guy that can come close to being a boyfriend, but that doesn't mean you should stop wearing cute clothes. Try it! One day next week put on make-up, fix your hair, don't dress like you feel. If you're feeling bad, the worst thing you can do is wear clothes to describe your mood. Wear something cute, something that says I don't need a man to notice me to define my beauty.

 I'm sure you're a pretty girl, but no one will notice it if you're looking down. Seriously, how many of us would buy a flower that's facing downward? The same goes for you. Take baby steps if you're not confident yet. Wear pretty lip gloss, or fancy nail polish, just don't give up on yourself. Never think for a second that you're not pretty because you really are!

 You may need to clean your own mirror to see your beauty. For heaven sake please don't compare your looks to another girl's beauty. You're beautiful too, if only you knew. Stop wasting time complaining about what you don't like, because that's the worst thing you can do. Smile while you still have teeth, and  fix your hair before it falls out when you get old. Live your life and make it the best!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What Will Happen in Scandal Season 4 According to Me

I know gladiators all across the world are rejoicing that the Scandal Season 4 premier will be airing tonight! There will be many questions that we hope will soon be answered, such as "where in the world is Olivia Pope"," how is Huck handling seeing his family again", and of course "will they ever kill off Quinn"? The cast has been quiet about the revelations of this season, but here are a few things that are guaranted to happen. Okay, maybe not guaranteed, but have a pretty high chance of happening. Check out my Predictions for this season below.

Harrison Will Die
After Columbus Short's family drama towards the ending of the season, he was axed from the show. Now we just want to know how does his character die. Most likely he's dying away in one of the holes by B6-13 or thrown in the ocean. We'll see soon.

Olitz Will Be Back On
 This is one of the most undeniable truths of this series. We know any butterflies Olivia had for Jake are gone, and her addiction to Fitz looks to be unbreakable. For some ungodly reason, these too are doomed to be dumb stuck in love forever. So even though I really hope Olivia finds a guy worth her time, I know she won't.

Lips will quiver

Daddy Pope's Gonna Do What he Does Best
Now that Fitz is back in office and Olivia is in a safe, undisclosed location, you can bet your gladiator suit that daddy Pope is going to do everything he can to keep Fitz in check. I'm pretty sure Fitz is going to be dumb enough to flex his powers again this season to get more info about Olivia. Believe me, the loss of Fitz Jr. wasn't the only revenge that Daddy has planned for Fitz.

Wine Glasses will be drained

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mantervention Film Review + Giveaway

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mantervention for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
So what do you do when the love of your life leaves you for another guy? That's the situation that Spencer lands himself in when he learns his girlfriend leaves him in the new film Mantervention. We were contacted by Izea to watch and review the movie as well as host a giveaway. And who are we turn down a good film?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Influenster Vitality Vox Box Review

I received all of these products courtesy of the lovely people at Influester for testing and reviewing purposes. I always give my honest opinion in reviews, so find out what I hated and loved this voxbox! Unfortunately this vox box came around the first week of school, so I wasn't able to get to it as quickly as I had hoped. This seemed like an open invite to my sibs and other family to take open for me.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Where to Find Scholarships Before and During College

Everyone knows college is expensive, and many students are willing to go into debt to pay for an education. We previously told you some extreme ways to get money for college, but scholarships seem to be one of the common ways to pay for school that seems to go overlooked. Scholarships are just one of the ways that you can get your education paid for, and it helps to know where to look for them. So whether you're racking up money for next fall after high school graduation, or you're currently enrolled in college and need help looking, this list will help you seek out the right ones for you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Goals this semester

A new semester means a new beginning! I feel really motivated after my trip, and really want to start making some progress to my long standing goals. Here are some of things I am looking to accomplish this school year, but I'll be taking it one Semester at a time. Here are just a few of the things I'm planning to do this fall. 

Internship Ready
One of the things I have been dying to do since starting college has been to get an internship. I'm currently a junior and know that having a little experience will really help me in my field once my post grad life begins. I'm working on getting my resume and cover letters ready to get a great gig sometime this year. I'll be heading over to the Career Development Center on campus to get as much advice as possible. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fun Way To Discover If He Likes You

When I was in the fifth grade a group of girls told me a cool way to discover if a guy likes you back. The best part, I didn't have to asked the guy. All I needed to know was his first and last name. To this very day, I play this silly game to find out my "fate" with a crush. Unfortunately the results never ruled in my favor.  It's  a pretty fun game to play. I don't always believe the results, but sometimes I believe I'm doomed either ways. I thought it would be cool if I tell you the silly little elementary game I've been playing. Some of you may know the game.